Raechel: Chef. Founder. Food Lover.


Motivated by creating and collaborating in the foodservice space for almost 20 years, māla girl was born as a new, savory, functional tea and broth blend that has 6 flavors crafted with 19-25 veggies, botanicals and minerals.

Satisfy Hunger, Naturally

She's a solution to satisfy hunger without the lab created alternatives while keeping calories in check. (Naturally!) At the same time employing a perfect balance of flavor carried with beneficial use of Himalayan salt and cacao pod butter.

An earthy girl by nature

Nutrients are packed in a way that are both reminiscent of comfort food and also with global flavors. What we love about premium herbal teas is the art of them being carefully dried, shelf stable and ready when you need them, simply by adding hot water. We wanted more ... so veggie tea and broth was born!