Instant Ramen inspired super-powders... feel good flavors!

Vegan, gluten free and herbal blends made with 19 to 26 savory superfoods, nothing else.

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We love the flavor of ramen, who doesn't? Those little flavor packets though... Zero nutritious value, packed with sodium, MSG, and soy. It's time to get real feel good vibes with instant, elevated flavors, each made with 19-26 savory superfoods and minerals, nothing else.


Your new savory soulmates. Instant, premium, versatile and nutrients of course!

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Gluten free, Soy- Free, MSG-free, Just Plants & Superfoods

Ingredients NATURALLY known to be rich in antioxidants, reducing inflammation, boosting immunity, vitamins and minerals, balancing stress, not to mention flavorful! Feeling better already?

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A drinkable dose of savory herbal blends, just add hot water

For those days when you’ve already had two cups of coffee, your typical tea isn’t enough, and you’re craving something more. Māla Girl feeds those cravings and gives your body a dose of yoga for the inside.

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Psst... secret recipes here

Ramen is only the brothy inspiration...Māla Girl premium superpowders are so versatile and rich, you’ll want to add these culinary personalities to secretly boost your daily cooking routine to rockstar status!

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You’ve never seen plant-based like this before!

From the kitchen of a plant based menu R&D specialist, meet Māla Girl. A collection of crave-able and unique combination of air and freeze dried sustainably sourced ingredients for an instant broth, veggie tea, or flavor enhancer.

"Life changing! I absolutely love this broth for sipping or using in recipes! It has given new life to our food and I am so thankful!"


"Amazing for cooking! For my gravy, soup, seasoned rice - this is my favorite. Adds a depth of flavor and richness and is SO easy!"


"I didn’t know what to expect when I heard of this product. But after I tried it, I found it so delicious, and unique! Super tasty!"


Each Māla Girl has her own

Whatever your flavor mood is... whether you need a warm hug, can’t get enough greens in a day, or feeling a little spicy, our superpowers are herbal blends sourced from the gardens of Mother Nature.

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1,358 māla girls and counting! Take the quiz to find out which one you are.

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