Just Add Water: Hydration, Hunger, and Your Nutrition

Just Add Water: Hydration, Hunger, and Your Nutrition

Did you know that there is one chemical compound that regulates all of functions of our bodies...and, yep, you guessed it! It's h2o, aka: WATER! The truth is, most of America is in a big-time drought; not on our lands...but in our bodies! That's right, studies show that the majority of Americans are chronically dehydrated!

Dehydration is dangerous business! Symptoms can include everything from what we normally associate with dehydration like extreme fatigue, headaches, and muscle cramps to kidney stones, varicose veins, vision problems and even dandruff! Water has a leading role in how our bodies and brains regulate hunger and digest our food! We're talking "I'd like to thank the Academy" kind of leading role!

When you drink water it's absorbed by the blood stream and is carried throughout the entire body so it's super important to hydrate first thing in the morning...and no, coffee doesn't count! The caffeine in coffee actually dehydrates you even more! It's a total bummer, we know!

But, that's where māla girl can help! Our soulful sips come with not only the nutritional benefits of over 20 superfoods and adaptogens but are also a soup-er way to kick off your day with a boost of proper hydration.

Are you ready for some weird water facts?
While our bodies can go weeks without food you can only last about 3 days without water!

Our brains register the danger of dehydration first but we often mistake it for hunger!

Just a 2% dehydration rate can cause a 20% decline in physical and cognitive performance!

Are you are feeling sluggish by 3pm, experiencing itchy and dry, skin no matter how much you slather yourself in moisturizer, feeling bloated and uncomfortable, suffering from chronic back pain, or having trouble sleeping? 

These are all signs that you might be dehydrated and what you need  are some feel good sips, with benefits!

Spring is here and as we all get back to our outdoor adventures, weekend projects, road trips and more...māla girl blends are the easy way of making sure that you get your daily dose of wellness magic!

Feeling great is as easy! Just add water...to your diet and to your māla mug! With our selection of beverage and cooking accessories, it's easy to stay hydrated at home or on-the-go!

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