Fireball Lentil Chowder

Fireball Lentil Chowder

Is it a chili or a chowder? These are the questions we like to play with when coming up with the names of some of our recipes, so we thought why not share with you!

In the short form, they are both thick chunky style soups. Does that sound appetizing? Not really, right?

Often times, chowder is a thick soup with seafood, and according to our handy Food Lover's Companion, but also can be a rich soup containing chunks of food.

The history of chili is almost worth its own blog! Did you know true chili makers WOULD NEVER use beans? 

Nonetheless, they can both be used with tomatoes, and since the recipe we created, isn't using beans, but rather lentils and sweet potatoes for a heart and tastebud happy, perhaps chili aficionados, will allow us to use the word?

Check out our fireball lentil chowder and you decide!

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