Soulfull Green Bean Casserole

Soulfull Green Bean Casserole

They say "don't mess with the classics" for thanksgiving, and we did our very best...however, we took a fancy approach to this and simply steamed 1 lb. of green beans and layered it with the scratch made soulfull cream of mushroom and then garnished it with fried onions. One part of thanksgiving (that I'm not always so thankful for...or at least my stomach) is how much butter and cream is used throughout almost every single side wonder we always want a nap after dinner!

This casserole freshens up a little bit and uses JOI cashew butter as our "cream" Don't forget soulfull classic has its own superfoods that bring on the flavor and immunity too (a little dulse, cacao butter, turmeric, ginger, lemon, cayenne, himalayan sea salt etc, etc;))

Feel good food at its best!

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