Soulful Collard Greens

Soulful Collard Greens

I'd like to have the vegan side dish soulfull plate please! I remember going to Cracker Barrel as a kid and always ordering just the side dishes. If I remember correctly, they had a choice of 3, 4 or 5 side dish plate. Yum! Well, good southern style green beans or collard beans are typically cooked in bacon, bacon fat and/or smoked ham of some sort. So the question is, did you love those side dishes for the bacon, or did you love those side dishes for the smokey flavor???

I've decided it was really the smokey flavor. I teamed up with P.S. Flavor! on this one and included their "Smokey Southern" seasoning, or in the Māla Girl Broth world, I like to refer to it as vegan bacon salt!

I can assure you, when you make these collards, even the bacon lover will not notice it's missing! A good amount of sliced mushrooms and onions caramelized with smokey southern before the collards started simmering in Soulfull Classic is the secret for these.  Pig out!


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