Roasted Asparagus Tabbouleh

Roasted Asparagus Tabbouleh

Is this your typical classic tabbouleh recipe? Absolutely not!

Was this recipe inspired from it? 100 percent yes! Part of my clean out the fridge week is creating recipes with all of the different veggies I had bought last week, a bunch of asparagus being one of them.

I'm sure many of you feel the same bought some veggies at the store because they looked too good and certainly you were going to make something right away ... a few days go by ... and they're still in the fridge.

I've gotta say, sometimes this is my favorite thing to do,  because rather than just cook something up on its own as you thought you would, you see the veggies sitting in there, and for me, it lets me think of what else I could do with them.

Soo ... because an entire bunch of parsley was also staring me in the face, it inspired me to want to make tabbouleh...and then I thought, why not roast the asparagus and use it as a veg in the tabbouleh? 

No bulgur or couscous in the pantry? No problem! I didn't have any either! I did however have a cup of steel cut oats and the rest is history.

Mushroom Brainiac was the initial inspiration to go with the roasted asparagus, however, the more I thought about it, the more I thought they could each make the tabouleh unique, and did it ever! 

I decided to make this recipe with three different broth mixes and they were all delicious, however it is truly shocking, how cooking a grain with the Māla Girl broth mixes adds so much FLAVOR to the meal itself. My recommendation? Look at the ingredients and pick the Māla Girl culinary personality that speaks to you!


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