Mystic Sweet Potato Bowl

Mystic Sweet Potato Bowl

Let's start this recipe off by saying, it's hard to not want to put Mystic Maca in the mix when you say sweet potatoes. For those who like roasting their sweet potatoes with cinnamon and sugar, mystic is right for you. For me, I'm and olive oil and sparkle salt kind of girl  with sweet potatoes. If you haven't tried it, I highly encourage you to do so ... AMAZING!

Where does mystic maca come into play? Well, simply put, she's used to flavor up our grains. If you think adding Māla Girl to flavor your grains won't make a big difference in the overall all flavor, try and taste for yourself! When making a savory bowl, it's all about layers of flavor. If grains consist of half of your bowl, why not add mystical element to it, like Mystic Maca! If you're feeling a little extra boujee for your grains, adding a touch of cumin can only enrich it even more!

If you like to have a sauce with your bowls, look for our orange tahini dressing recipe. It's simply Soom tahini with fresh orange juice, olive oil, herbs and sparkle salt. Even simply a drizzle of olive oil and a squeeze of your favorite citrus could work here as well. 

Always keep in mind, these recipes are meant to inspire you to get cooking:)

If you like the look, but don't have all of the veggie components available, work with what you've got! For example, we used fennel for depth and that anise flavor to counter the sweetness of red grapes. Don't have it handy? Swap out for celery. Grapes aren't your thing? Use another fruit! Pears, apples or even grilled pineapple would work nicely here as well as maybe even clementines. Want to remove fruit? You can always substitute with broccoli, garlicy kale, zucchini or grilled onions. 



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