Mystic Butternut Squash and Chickpeas

Mystic Butternut Squash and Chickpeas

There is such a happy medley of flavors in this dish...we've heard: "reminds me of Ethiopian food" and "the best butternut squash soup I've had" we will take that as a recipe worth sharing! Mystic Maca has a blend of signature chai spices along with savory. This does nothing but compliment butternut squash and let her shine! Cashews and chickpeas were added in here for a plant-based source of protein and extra creaminess. 

Simply boil up some water and add in butternut squash and mystic maca (any of our flavors would actually pair quite nicely with this on actually;)), blend and top with an orange tahini kale salad that you can quickly put together while the squash is cooking and voila! Time to get hot and steamy! Looking at this recipe in the spring or summer? You may want to give this a try "chilled out" too! Its our version of a beet salad as a meal.

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