Creamy Cauli and Potato Soup

Creamy Cauli and Potato Soup

This week is operation clean out the fridge! We will be featuring different ways to use Māla Girl that will keep your plates delicious and different every day of the week! This recipe has a bonus of how to make a quick cashew crema for a fancy drizzle on any soup that is sure to wow your family and friends with a beautiful plate presentation.

This soup is yet another interesting twist in that it could actually still be served hot or cold! Because we have potatoes in the base and its blended, it could be considered in the classic vichyssoise arena! 

What is vichyssoise you ask? Well its a French classic chilled potato soup, made classically with ... wait for it ... CHICKEN BROTH! You can keep it vegan and no-one will ever know when you substitute it with soulfull classic!  Decisions, decisions!


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