Cosmic Broccoli Cheese

Cosmic Broccoli Cheese

Broccoli Cheese Soup lovers who are now plant based ... we have exciting news for you! We took the elements of this classic and gave it a creamy curry twist. We've used a plant based cheese here, which naturally has potato starch in it that helps act in the thickening process.

Red lentils and cashews took the place of classic "milk" in this recipe and gave it a plant based source of protein.

Can you still make this recipe if you're a vegetarian and not vegan? Of course! You can substitute this with classic cheddar, just be sure to whisk a little arrowroot or cornstarch in the mix.

Lastly, we love roasted or grilled broccoli, so rather than have it in the soup, we used it as a topping instead to let it shine! 


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