Beet and Chickpea Rendang

Beet and Chickpea Rendang

I've gotta say, I've been wanting to create this recipe for quite a while and Māla Girl Broths has inspired me to make it come to life!

Rendang is classically made with beef, but also sometimes chicken and lamb. The goal of this dish is to cook the beef in somewhat of a coconut milk "gravy". Slowly simmer the beef for a few hours until it's fork tender and has absorbed most of the sauce ... well???

Why not do this exact same exercise with soaked chickpeas and beets? Chickpeas take over an hour to cook even after soaked, so why not add some fresh diced beets to to add a nice color enhancement as well as a powerhouse of antioxidants and fiber to say the very least!?

We added a little lemongrass and additional fresh ginger and red jalapeño to make sure flavors really popped. Can you still make this dish just with Cosmic Curry if you don't have fresh lemongrass and ginger on hand? Most definitely! 

We like to create fun and unexpected ways to make veggies the "center of the plate".


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