Why are Māla Girl Blends a Powder?

Why are Māla Girl Blends a Powder?

Quite simply, so you can quickly and simply rethink your nutrition one sip, bowl, or plate at a time with superfoods you can drink, sprinkle, or stir! Enjoy scratch-crafted flavor made to order, without all the mess. We like to think of it as rethinking convenience one sip at a time.

"With six flavors of magic veggie dust, packed with wellness benefits, we did the work of crafting each flavor and packing it full of veggies, herbs, and spices! Simply activate Māla Girl by infusing with hot liquid! One tablespoon of your favorite māla blend and 8oz of your liquid of choice." (water, milk, plant milk, etc...)

These are immunity boosting, hot, beverage blends you can cook with, too! Discover your newest savory soulmate. Each blend is a customized of over 15-20 air dried or freeze dried herbs and spices that help maximize nutritional value, all easily steeped, stirred, or blended into your daily drinks and dishes!

Plus...did someone say travel?
Whether you are planning a spring break trip, romantic weekend get-away, or your next summer vacation don't forget to take māla girl along for the ride! Easy to travel with and TSA approved, māla girl single-serving packets are the perfect way to get your daily dose of superfoods, starve off the dreaded travel-hangries, and stay hydrated on-the-go.

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