What is a Sipping Broth?

What is a Sipping Broth?

Well, its a broth that you sip of course!
Here at māla girl our blends are ready when you are, just 8-10 oz. of hot water or liquid and you're off to a new sipping adventure packed full of savory super-food goodness.

Not in the mood for coffee? Tea doesn’t satisfy your 3pm slump? Craving savory food, but don’t want to fill up before dinner? Looking to reduce your daily calorie intake?

These are all signs that what you've been searching for is a sipping broth! Boost your day...with benefits! Our adaptogenic, sippable, super-foods aren’t some kind of mystical witch's brew. They are real, organic, botanicals and they are how you turn your life around in 60 seconds or less! 

Do I use māla girl is a drink? Yes! Think of māla girl blends as a savory tea, only these blends are super-boosted with tons of veggies, herbs, and spices boiled down into just one cup!

Do I use māla girl as a soup? Yes! We've taken all the prep out of making your favorite soups and sauces! Simply add 1 tablespoon of your favorite māla girl blend to the liquid you would normally use to make your instant noodles! For a creamy soup or chowder try adding our, customer favorite, Oat Buttermylk!

Wait...I can cook with it, too? Again, yes! These are immunity boosting, hot, beverage blends you can cook with, too! Add to stir-fry for a low sodium burst of super-foods flavor, or sprinkle on top of roasted veggies for added adaptogenic benefits!

Shop our instant hot beverages, in all of our signature flavors, and discover your newest savory soulmate.

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