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Miracle Avocado Hummus

Hummus with benefits? That's what happened when we mixed our Miracle Moringa broth mix with avocado and sweet peas!

Don't you hate it when your amazing guacamole turns brown 4 hours after making it?  Well, we've not only made this taste amazing, but kept it green for an entire day by blending it with our Miracle Moringa broth mix, sweet peas and our green pepper sofrito! 

Peas? Yes! The ones in the freezer? Yes! Not only do these beauties pack a great source of antioxidants and protein with their gorgeous green hue (over 16 grams of protein in this power dip!), but they, along with avocado also help with heart health, healthy gut and weight management! 

Avocados are great to use in sauces, dips and spreads, however, most recipes call for water to help "thin it out" That's where Māla Girl comes in!  When adding water to your blended veggies, remember 1 Tablespoon scoop of Māla per cup of water!  Your veggies AND tastebuds will thank you. :) 

Can you use other Māla Girl flavors with this recipe? Of course! We loved miracle moringa for the earthy sweetness she provides as well as her green hue to let her help avocados and sweet peas take the center stage!

We hope you enjoy finding unexpected ways to blend veggies together for a power packed appetizer or side dish with Māla Girl Broths!



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