Kickin' Miracle Moringa Oatmeal

Kickin' Miracle Moringa Oatmeal

 Need a break from sweet oatmeal? Let's keep the morning protein game going and make a savory oatmeal with Māla Girl. Moringa is not only considered a complete protein source, but this green miracle also helps with detoxifying and energizing the body. Happy New Year...Let's go!

Used to having kale or spinach in the morning and not ready to ditch it for moringa? Don't stress,  they've joined us for the ultimate oatmeal party!

We didn't stop there, green is always a fan favorite, so we topped it off with a little heart loving avocado. While making this, you will see the recipe calls for just a little more water than the usual 2:1 ratio. Why? We added a spoonful of chia seeds to bring a little extra omega to the game for this rockstar breakfast!

This recipe was inspired from a customer asking for spicy greens...moringa is the way to go, just add a little bit of cayenne..1/8tsp. for mild, 1/4 tsp. for spicy!



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