Fireball Rocoto Salsa

Fireball Rocoto Salsa

Up your salsa game with Māla Girl. I've got a habit right now of having the flavors color coordinate to vegetables, so if I'm after red, there's a pretty high probability fireball basil is going to be an option. :)

Rocoto pepper paste is a Peruvian hot pepper sauce that can be found in some grocery stores, but if not, no worries, simply swap out for chipotles in adobo.

Look for rocoto in the ethnic section of the grocery store and see if you get lucky. The sweet powerful heat it brings is so worth it!

After that its a broiling and blending game. Raw works here as well, but sometimes love the flavor of the charred veggies.

Enjoy this as a elevated salsa or quick addition to rice, sauce, or pasta to name a few. Simmer it with eggs for an ultimate brunch feast.


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