Dreamy and Creamy Soulfull Mushroom Soup

Dreamy and Creamy Soulfull Mushroom Soup

So this recipe was created to be a part of the Notorious. Classic Comfort. Sides-giving dish. None other than the infamous Green Bean Casserole. (yes it's that important to be title cased:)) 

Soup or gravy? We're not even sure. Once we made it, we had leftovers and used it for a broccoli cheese casserole. It's that good!

Veganist or have trouble digesting dairy? It's your lucky day! This treasure is dairy free if you use vegan butter as the base.  

This recipe makes about 4 cups, so if you are just making for two, you can cut this in half, however...beware...you may wish you made a full batch of this.

The gold from the soulfull classic shines through in this soup base.

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