Immunity Boosting Tomato Soup

Immunity Boosting Tomato Soup

Winter is here, and so is our love of good old fashioned tomato soup! Its incredibly simple to make from scratch and is known for being a star of lycopene, so why not boost it up with the savory superfoods of māla girl? 

This is one of those favorite recipes, where each flavor of māla girl work to provide completely flavor profiles of tomato soup, yet each being a star in their own way. We kickstarted this soup this season with miracle moringa. The sweet earthiness notes that moringa brings to the party, make this soup so craveable, you'll be refilling your bowl if you're able to!

Last year we enjoyed this with a mix of soulfull and brainiac...which māla girl would you choose? 

-cosmic curry?

-fireball basil?

-mystic maca with a touch of cumin?

Lastly for the creaminess...we featured this recipe with our oat buttermylk, which gives a rich dairy free option.

Feeling nutty? 

Check out or dreamy and creamy line up and give it a try with JOI Cashew or Almond or an exotic flair with a drizzle of single origin tahini.

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