If you like a classic chicken broth, ours is a delicious chick free version blended with a little lemon juice for a taste of the mediterranean. *COMFORTING & NOURISHING *BALANCES ELECTROLYTES *IMMUNITY BOOSTING Ingredients: cacao butter, lemon, himalayan salt, onion, celery, yeast flakes, dulse,  ginger, herbs and spices.

"Life changing! I absolutely love this broth for sipping or using in recipes! It has given new life to our food and I am so thankful!" ~Elisabeth

Soulfull Classic

Our beef-less beef broth.  Don’t worry... there’s no beef involved here, but the flavor is all of it and more! *EMPOWERING *BRAIN BOOSTER *HELPS BALANCE MOOD Ingredients: Reishi extract, cacao butter, cacao powder, lemon, himalayan salt, lions mane extract, porcini, garlic, celery, dulse, nutritional yeast, herbs and spices

"Amazing for cooking! For my gravy, soup, seasoned rice - this is my favorite. Adds a depth of flavor and richness and is SO easy to use!" ~Michelle

Mushroom Brainiac

This dancing chili tomato is blended with Peruvian maca powder, single-origin Cobanero chili from Guatemala,  and sun-dried tomato powder from Turkey. Peruvian maca powder is known to promote: *Hormone Balance *Bone Health *Libido Booster  Ingredients: sundried tomato powder, peruvian maca, onion, himalayan sea salt, cacao pod butter, lemon, garlic, ginger, celery, carrot, nutritional yeast, turmeric, dulse, herbs and spices including Cobanero chili

"Love that you can use māla blends for sipping or for spicing up your cooking game in the kitchen! Did someone say spicy margaritas?" ~Sarah

Chili Chakra

Love drinking green? Our moringa is balanced with lemon and acts as a  natural energy booster...savory is where our miracle tree belongs. Sip up!  *IMMUNITY BOOSTING *KNOWN TO IMPROVE DIGESTION Ingredients: cacao butter, lemon, moringa, himalayan salt, onion, ginger, garlic, celery, dulse, nutritional yeast, herbs and spices

"I didn’t know what to expect when I heard of this product. But after I tried it, I found it so delicious, and unique! It’s super tasty!" ~Pamela

Miracle Moringa

New to Māla Girl Broths? This is the perfect introduction! You get to sample each of our 6 flavors!  Soulfull Classic, Cosmic Curry, Mushroom Brainiac, Chili Chakra, Miracle Moringa, Fireball Basil and our broth infuser for the premium sipping experience!

New to måla girl? This bundle is the perfect way to find your savory soulmate. You'll get to sample all six of our single-serve blends!

Starter Kit

Sleek and classy, this is the perfect cup for sipping a hot or cold broth on the go. Double wall insulated lets the outside of the cup stay cool to the touch. It fits perfectly in a cup holder as well!

Perfect for hot or cold sipping on-the-go without all the single-use plastic! It fits perfectly in a cup holder as well!

Insulated Tumbler

 Perfect for family meal planning. The ultimate kitchen kit includes 8 serving bags of ALL Māla Girl Flavors including Sparkle Salt with 2 FREE measuring scoops! Soulfull Classic, Mushroom Brainiac, Cosmic Curry, Chili Chakra, Miracle Moringa and Fireball Basil now stocked in your pantry and ready to party with your favorite kettle or pot!

The ultimate kitchen kit includes 8 serving bags of ALL māla girl blends including Sparkle Salt plus 2 FREE measuring scoops!

Ultimate Kitchen Kit

This multi-use infuser is the perfect accessory for allowing the flavors of Māla Girl  steep into hot water for the ultimate refined experience. Steep Māla Girl longer for richer flavor and less for a lighter flavor. You can always reuse the spices for cooking!

For the ultimate refined experience. Steep māla girl blends longer for richer flavor and less for a lighter flavor. Fits both the māla mug and tumbler!

Bobble Infuser

Tastes like it's been simmering for hours.

Ready in one minute!

Heat water
Heat water
Add 1 Tablespoon of broth mix per 8 ounces of water
Stir or steep for one minute.