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Māla Girl Kitchen Tools - Māla Girl Merch

With Māla Girl, you’ve got options for all of your beverage and kitchen tool needs! Like a clean and refined sipping experience? Steep our blends with our broth infusers for the ultimate sipping experience. Feeling unrefined or simply enjoy cooking? We’ve got you covered! Grab our Māla Girl rose gold measuring scoops for a perfect serving every time. Because not everyone likes to steep.  

Our travel mugs are incredibly lightweight, made of wheat straw, and have an insulated liner. Whether you enjoy soup in a cup or a hot sip, this mug is perfect! Feel like flying off the handles? Get a grip with our insulated stainless cup. This cup can be used for multiple types of beverages, hot or cold. 

Be sure to check out the first-ever sparkle salt! This signature blend was created to balance the flavor of every meal and keep sodium in check. Sprinkle ¼ tsp. of sparkle salt to every 1-2 cups of ingredients added to your Māla Girl meals. Sparkle salt is just what you need to have stocked in your pantry. It’s a chef’s perfect blend!